Includes songs from the original DALA Label recordings "Invitation To Polka" and "Buggy Ride Polka"

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  • Invitation Polka
  • Sweet Life Polka 
  • Sparkle Oberek
  • Swirl Polka
  • Blue Eyes Oberek
  • West Side Polka
  • Mountaineer Waltz
  • Lonely Soldier Oberek
  • Blacksmith Polka
  • Katy And Her Lamb Polka
  • Stepping High Oberek
  • Cupid Polka

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  • Buggy Ride Polka 
  • Are You True To Me Oberek
  • On The Horse Polka
  • Mother Tells Me Waltz
  • Happy Land Polka
  • U.S.A. Oberek
  • Trip To Poland Polka 
  • Village Oberek
  • Mr. Boss Polka
  • Hay Barn Oberek
  • Lucky Dog Polka
  • In The Meadow Oberek