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  • Medley: Checkersville, Cecil's, Cheese and Crackers, Pony Tail, Ding Dong 
  • Medley: Beer Barrel, Pennsylvania, Hoop Dee Doo 
  • Button Box Medley: Lee and Ann's, Button Accordion, Lalli's, Sersen's, Julie's
  • Latin Medley:  You Belong To My Heart, Marianne
  • Medley:  Garden City, Wally and Andy's, Wilkinson's, Gregor's, Holst's
  • Medley: Stand and Sing Ein Prosit, In Heaven No Beer, We're Here Because We're Here, EE I OH, Hey Ba Be Re Ba
  • Slovenian Button Box Waltz
  • St. Catherines Our Town Polka
  • Medley: Una Paloma Blanca, This Land is Your Land, My Melody of Love 
  • Mexican Polka Medley: El Rancho Grande, Gay Ranchero, Over the Waves, Cielito Lindo, El Gusto
  • Happy Birthday Polka
  • German Waltz Medley: In Kitchener It's Oktoberfest, Drink Drink Brothers, You Can't Be True Dear, Oktoberfest, For Ever and Ever
  • Macarena (EE I OH)
  • German Polka Medley: The Happy Wanderer, Happy Fellows, Wooden Heart, Be Satisfied, Lili Marlene
  • Ukranian Folk Medley
  • We are St. Catherine's Polka

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