Now available, this special package contains
1 DVD plus TWO (2) Audio CD's of the "Mollie B Christmas Special"

taped LIVE at RFD-TV The Theatre
in Branson, MO in November 2012. 

This show is brand new and different
from the 2011 Christmas special! 
Features nearly 2 hours of Mollie B singing and playing your Christmas favorites.. with special guest performers Lenny Gomulka, Gary Brueggen, Ted Lange,
Fred Ziwich, Alex Meixner, Ed Klancnik, Hank Guzevich, Tuba Dan, Al Piatkowski, Rob Piatkowski, Deborah Bizon and wonderful dancing featuring
Randy and Ashley Thull and Bruce and Peggy King,
along with a children's chorus

DVD/CD Combo Pack

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